)(appy as a clam~: basementdwellingnolife: You took a moment to catch your breath before...


Sighing, you rub your face.

“Okay, okay, as long as you’re okay, and there’s not gunna be any culling… I blame myself for everyfin! Sorry!” You wring your hands as you continue to look at her with a semi worried expression. When you finally realize that there’s nothing to worry about, you look around once again and fold your hands behind your back

“Sooo… what now?”

"Now…we buy something to cover you up better!! I’d feel awful if you got burned because I didn’t spend a little pocket money!! There’s sunblock somewhere around here, and we can probably buy a big sweatshirt to cover up your horns better…Maybe some gloves, or an umbrella?? I’m worried that it might get too hot though…" You think for a moment.

"And maybe I can show you the miracles of the all-American, heart-attack-in-bun cuisine."

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